The goal is to not give up!

You’ve ever felt like your world is crumbling down?

You’ve ever felt like you’re surrounded by people, yet you’re all alone?

You’ve ever felt like things won’t get any better, because everything is going wrong?

Well the goal is to not give up:

“But you don’t understand”

Hum, yes I do

I do, because you’re not the only one who goes through things/stuff

The thing is life is sh*tty sometimes, and not just to you, but to all of us. Things are not always going to be rosy. We all go through things, and those things happen for a reason.

So don’t give up, greater things are in store for you. It’s just that to get them, it requires perseverance. That’s it! Keep pushing! Keep going! You’re doing OK!

And you’re definitely not alone! Reach out!