Beware of those “friends”!

You know those so called “friends” who talk behind your back, and are comfortable doing it too. Those friends who don’t defend you when someone else says all the wrong things about you, and actually entertain it.

Yeah, those “friends”.

Beware of those “friends”.

Nowadays, it’s hard to find people who are truly your friend. People who say it and actually mean it. People who when others start talking about you behind your back, say no, that’s not right and put a stop to it. People who are honest. People who have your best interest at heart, support you, have your back even when you’re doing better than them, because they know your success is also theirs. People who are there for you, listen, and appreciate you.

Just know that sometimes God removes certain people in your life, to make room for the ones who truly deserve you. So beware of who you’re befriending, and pray that the thorns are removed from your life so that there can be room for flourishing friendships.