Where fear lies, and courage rises

I was scrolling through my IG feed ealry this morning, and saw this image posted by medschool.inspiration. Under it was the question, “what do you notice?”


At first, the only thing that came to mind was chaos, as you notice in the image. But then came flooding all those thoughts. See, I’ve always wanted to become a doctor, but I’ve always been so scared. I’ve lingered, came up with excuses, all because of fear.

Looking at that image, I’ve thought, that’s not just simple chaos. That’s someone’s blood on the floor. That’s the frustration of many doctors who had to give it all they’ve got to save someone’s life. It scares me to even think that there is a slight possibility that someone might not make it. That this comes with sacrifices, hardships, tears, sweat, and blood.

But you know what I’ve realized?

That at the end of the day, it will be worth it. And this fear that was instilled in me, I’ve turned it into strength. It’s making me work harder so that through God’s hands, I’ll be able to save lives even when it gets scary. I don’t study to just pass my exams, I make sure that I learn at every opportunity given. Because one day, I’ll be someone’s hope. Someone’s life saver.

Now my message to you, is that, no matter how scared you are, don’t let fear consume you. Turn your fear into passion and drive. Take a leap of faith, and at the end of the journey you’ll have no one to thank but yourself.