Let’s talk about success, and our own idea of it

Today in class, my professor asked us how do we define success?!

Success is usually defined as achieving or accomplishing an aim or objective, as perceived by society.

But a lot of people have a different perspective or idea of what success means to them.

One of my classmate’s idea of success is being at that age when she’s retired, have multiple businesses, have a family, and able to provide for them without financial hurdles.

Now there is nothing wrong with that, that’s her own idea of success.

My idea of success is a little bit different than most.

You see, I think being successful is more that just achievements. I view success as something that’s also internal rather than just external.

My idea of success is growth that makes me become a better, wiser person. Self control over mind and body. Having self discipline. Being at peace with myself. Also when I’m not only just able to provide for myself, but giving out to the world, in a way that can make even a small impact if not big.

But that’s just my idea of success.

What’s your idea of success?

Photo Credit: We heart it/ Mindsetxstyle