Tyga said he helped Kylie Jenner in more ways than one when they dated

On an episode of Queen Radio hosted by Nicki Minaj, Tyga was asked if he missed the reality star.

He responded:” no I’m good love, enjoy”

but he humbly mentioned how he helped her by implementing a few ideas and exposing her to black culture.

Let’s get this straight. Kylie WAS someone even before she dated Tyga, and true a lot changed about her appearance, but that’s what young adults do.

Transitioning, changing, learning about themselves.

And when you’re in a relationship with someone, you pick up a few things or two about their cultures and even the way they speak.

Well he’s kinda right. He did influence her style and views on culture.

“You need black people to fuck with you cause you need culture”

Damn right!

Having black culture and supporters in your corner is a sure fire way to get your business going.


Photo Credit: Getty Images – Dimitrios Kambouris