Let’s talk about empowering & supporting each other

Early this morning, my girlfriends and I were texting as we usually do. But the difference about today’s chat, is that it was all about motivating each other.

I totally love them for it!

One thing that we encounter once too often, is people trying to tear each other down, queens trying to knock the crown off the head of another queen. Kings trying to take another king’s crown.

Like, what’s up with all the negativity?!

There is so much love and blessing to go around for everyone.

Just because someone is doing better at life right now than you are, does not mean your time won’t come.

Wait for your time to shine sis!

Just chill bruh!

When your time comes, you’ll be shining brighter than a diamond, brighter than a star in the sky, brighter than a headlight. They’re gonna respect your name.

In the meantime, let’s support one another. Give that friend a boost so he/she could make her dreams reality. Motivate him/her. That friend that’s not doing much with his/her life, don’t give up on him/her, keep pushing. Work together. Pray for each other. Uplift each other.

More blessing will come your way.

Photo Credit: Pinterest.co.uk/ Lappthebrand